Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, one of the largest Faculties in the University. Our aim is to produce quality creative graduates who have appropriate knowledge and skills including English literacy, computer and digital literacies and who are noted for their ethics and morality. We offer a range of undergraduate courses and three master’s degrees. We are strong in the integration of activities and communities into the teaching and learning processes. Our teaching and learning

management is community-based. In other words, we use communities as our
laboratories for students to apply their knowledge and skills gained from their learning to the communities and to gain more knowledge, experiences and local wisdom from the communities which are the real contexts. We encourage our students to develop responsibilities and leadership, self-directed learning, personal and social skills and become public spirited. We believe that these qualities will enable them to be good citizens who will contribute greatly to our local community and our country.

I hope that you will find any information you require here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries.

Dr. Usa Noytim
Assistant Professor and Dean
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



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